How to Recover Deleted Files on Any Device

Accidentally deleted some files could make your work and life hard, so it is necessary to have tools that can restore your lost data and take your work on the right track. There are widely amount of tools available that can help you to recover the lost data. Sometimes users don’t actually delete the files,Continue reading “How to Recover Deleted Files on Any Device”

How to open PSD files in Windows 10

In this article, we will show you how you can open PSD files in Windows 10 operating system. However to start, firstyou need to know about a PSD file. A PSD file is an alternative format of a picture by Adobe Photoshop, which is an advance and popular picture editing application program. It is usedContinue reading “How to open PSD files in Windows 10”

How to Fix PUBG Lite Unreal Engine Error 0x887A0006?

The popular battle royale game, PUBG, is renowned worldwide for its amazing gaming experience. Its popularity reached such heights that it has its three counterparts as well. One such famous counterpart is the lite version of PUBG PC aimed to bring the same experience on a low-end device. However, while playing it, you can faceContinue reading “How to Fix PUBG Lite Unreal Engine Error 0x887A0006?”

Solved: SPIN_LOCK_ALREADY_OWNED BSOD Error on Windows 10

The SPIN_LOCK_ALREADY_OWNED error message might make an appearance on your PC, and then the device might reboot constantly. It is the pretty worst error ever seen on the Windows 10 operating system, and it mostly happens due to the software issues. The causes include corrupted drivers, misconfigured settings, Windows system corrupted or missing files, andContinue reading “Solved: SPIN_LOCK_ALREADY_OWNED BSOD Error on Windows 10”

How to Make a Media Launcher with Shortcuts?

Shortcuts are the necessity of this fast world, and thus in this article, we will provide you some ways to craft a media launcher alongside shortcuts. Make sure that you read the below-written ways cautiously to avail of the best outcomes.  Fix Media Launcher (Example: Netflix) If you wish to fix the media player (Netflix),Continue reading “How to Make a Media Launcher with Shortcuts?”

How to Fix 0x000001F8 Error Microsoft on Windows 10?

Microsoft Store is the one-stop solution for all your desired apps and tools. However, the platform can incur numerous errors, 0x000001F8 being one of them. If you are facing it as well, then we can help you out. So, here are the steps to fix this error. Perform Windows Store Applications Troubleshooter If you wishContinue reading “How to Fix 0x000001F8 Error Microsoft on Windows 10?”

How to Install watchOS 6.2 Beta 3 on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the best wearables in these days since its top-notch quality is unbeatable and can’t be compared to other products. Moreover, it is equipped with Apple’s dedicated operating system for its smartwatches known as watchOS. Recently Apple launched the new testing version of its watchOS for the developers.  Apple named it watchOSContinue reading “How to Install watchOS 6.2 Beta 3 on Apple Watch”

How to fix Microsoft Store Error 0x80d03805 on Windows 10

While downloading any software from Microsoft store or updating it, you may confront the Microsoft error. Such an error will restrict you from updating or downloading the software. As the issue occurs, it starts downloading, but after a while, it will activate the error showing that something has gone wrong. Then on increasing error information,Continue reading “How to fix Microsoft Store Error 0x80d03805 on Windows 10”

WhatsApp Dark Mode Arrived in Android Beta

We have seen the rolling out of Dark mode for many popular Android Apps such as Gmail, Instagram, and Pinterest in the current months, and now WhatsApp’s dark mode finally arrives in Android beta, which was highly anticipated feature and rumors were for months. The App has joined with some other useful offerings, too, alongContinue reading “WhatsApp Dark Mode Arrived in Android Beta”

Destiny 2: Walkthrough Guide for EDZ & Combustion

This guide will help the player to turn Guardian into a True Space Wizard for Destiny 2’s third Stage, EDZ: Combustion. Till now, your Guardian avatar got his Light back in the third stage. You are not able to unlock the mission next to Spark without the completed the mission given by Devrim Kay, whoContinue reading “Destiny 2: Walkthrough Guide for EDZ & Combustion”

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