Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube

Nowadays, people are using YouTube not only for viewing videos but also for creating their videos on their YouTube channel. YouTube is the best and oldest platform for posting and sharing your videos worldwide. Earlier, people used to create videos and post it later on the YouTube website by using their PC or laptops. But,Continue reading “Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube”

Do We Still Need the E3?

The subject of discontinuing the E3 is sure to make most gamers sad. The excitement of that one intense month of gaming updates is unparalleled. However, statistics have shown that we don’t need conventional E3 anymore. What Has Changed? Since the onset of the pandemic, a lot has changed whether we like it or not.Continue reading “Do We Still Need the E3?”

Pokémon Anime Is Coming Back After a Long Break

The long-running TV anime series, Pokemon, has been on a hiatus since April, due to the current pandemic. But the makers have officially announced a comeback, with some twists. Pokémon has been a cult series since the early 2000s, with Ash and Pikachu becoming household names. Every kid with a TV knew of these fantasticContinue reading “Pokémon Anime Is Coming Back After a Long Break”

A Guide to Add Third-Party Apps on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most trustworthy and respected platforms that offer a variety of excellent services and products to its users all over the world. This company provides a lot of in-house apps to its users, and all the apps work pretty well. Some of its apps include Office, Skype, One Note, andContinue reading “A Guide to Add Third-Party Apps on Microsoft Teams”

Decoding the Meaning of Common Snapchat Icons

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps on social media with more than 229 million users all over the world. This photo and video sharing app has plenty of icons in different colors and variations that convey different meanings, which can be confusing at times.In this article, we are going to explain what theseContinue reading “Decoding the Meaning of Common Snapchat Icons”

How to Access Grammarly in Google Docs

Grammarly is one of the most effective tools for digital writers. Developed by an American multinational tech company, Grammarly uses natural language processing and AI along with deep learning algorithms for spell checks and grammar checking. Not only these two, but it also gives suggestions regarding the vocabulary, tone, style of the text, and tellsContinue reading “How to Access Grammarly in Google Docs”

How to watch Absentia: Season 3 online from anywhere

The FBI Agent Emily Byrne is back for this completely new season of Absentia. Stana Katic has very well played the role of this character from the very beginning. The show has a plot where Emily Byrne, during the investigation, suddenly disappears, while she was on the hunt for one of the most wanted serialContinue reading “How to watch Absentia: Season 3 online from anywhere”


The company is providing a new software update for its iconic wearable Fitbit Charge 4. According to several reports, the smartwatch will get some new enhancements and features with the software update. It would be equipped with a few wonderful features such as better GPS handling, sleep supervision and controlling the Monochrome screen. According to the certain official sources includingContinue reading “FITBIT CHARGE 4 IS RECEIVING SEVERAL NEW FUNCTIONS WITH A SOFTWARE UPDATE”

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock vs August Smart Lock Pro: Which One is Better

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the 4th generation smart lock by August. It is a type of lock that eliminates the extra bulk from the previous generation Smart lock with the in-built Wi-Fi support.  On the other hand, August Smart Lock Pro is the third-generation smart lock, but you might need to connect the bridge toContinue reading “August Wi-Fi Smart Lock vs August Smart Lock Pro: Which One is Better”

Remote Desktop Attacks on the Rise: Here’s How to Protect Your Data

When it comes to privacy and protection of your device, you should practice primary methods for ensuring the security of your systems. Users generally neglect these steps as an act of negligence, which thereby results in security breaches in their systems. If you are following a work from the home module, you would hardly haveContinue reading “Remote Desktop Attacks on the Rise: Here’s How to Protect Your Data”

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