8 Fashion Vloggers to Follow on YouTube and Instagram

Fashion bloggers are the best sources of fashion that run heavy on chic styles. The rise of fashion bloggers has given them a chance to be influential in the fashion industry. Guiding through various looks while also being spokespersons for different brands, these fashionistas provide an insight into an otherwise complex world of fashion. While personal tastes may vary, here are some fashion bloggers that everyone can follow on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Song of Style

Run by the immensely popular Aimee Song, the vlog consists of her diving into high fashion pieces. She visits New York fashion week and her behind-the-scenes looks into the shows give us a peek into the coveted fashion week’s process. She experiments with high fashion labels and her beautiful lookbooks are to die for. Her speciality is French luxury houses and if they interest you, Aimee’s vlog will not disappoint you.

  • Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy is a king vlogger with her casual-chic aesthetic running all across her videos. She believes in simple and classic looks that have the versatility and one can learn a lot from her vlog. She also tries to balance high fashion labels with mass-market pieces which resonate with a much wider audience.

  • Jillian Lansky

With the most approachable vlog style, Jillian runs her fashion vlog with elegance. Chilled out and free, her style is minimalistic and revolves around comfort which is also evident for the editing style of her videos. Her calm personality makes the complex task of styling look like a piece of cake. If you love someone with a laid-back approach, Jillian is the one for you.

  • In the Frow

Filled with unboxing videos, Victoria McGrath runs her fashion vlog ‘In The Frow’. He has a massive fan-base following of more than 600,000 followers on her YouTube page. Filled with personality, her videos are a great look into the world of fashion. Her personal style leans more towards feminine with a matching aesthetic that is seen in her videos. If one loves to try on dresses, Victoria’s blog is perfect for them.

  • Gemary

If one sees her Instagram, a common theme through her feed is the brilliant use of neutral tones that create a beautiful appeal to her vlog on YouTube. Her fashion steals are low priced and are focused on run-for-the-money concepts. She explores all sorts of subjects and if her diverse range suits you, there’s no looking elsewhere.

  • Emma Hill

Imagine if your friend with a funny bone became your fashion stylist. Emma is the perfect definition of laughter and fashion encapsulated in one. Her comedic presence makes one feel at home and her unique sense of style that combines experimentations along with timeless styles makes for a good watch. Her great fashion advice, especially on designer handbags, has earned her a strong following on YouTube. She doesn’t lie and she is unafraid to let it out, and if that’s your style, no one is better than Emma.

  • Cocobeautea

Hannah Desai runs her vlog ‘Cocobeautea’ which shows her wearing the chicest outfits in places like New York City. With more than half a million followers on Instagram, her trendy styles and a massive handbag collection has become popular among fans from all countries. Her vlogs go in-depth with the motives behind her buys along with plans for future purchases.

  • Ashley Brooke

Gaining around 400,000 followers, this New-York based fashionista is the one everyone should look out for. From hauls to shopping videos, her videos are always filled with information in one of the best ways. Pairing outfits and styling them in different ways is her strong suit and if you have a knack for it, Ashley is the right vlogger for you to follow.

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