Things to Know About the Overhauled Facebook Messenger App

Redesigned Messenger app of Facebook was announced in last October. The update was shown in December. Facebook launched a new Messenger design in the first month of this year. Users may get a little confused because there is so much of white space with decidedly fewer buttons and icons.

  1. The Three tabs

There is a famous saying, less is more. At the place of several apps at the bottom of the app, there are three more tabs now: People, Discover and Chat.

In chat, users can view the contacts stories. They can even access the current conversations. Go to the people tab; it will show you who are active and will give you an essential preview of the current Facebook Stories.

 Discovery app will allow you to find the local businesses to the messages. Users can even play games and communicate with another page of Facebook.

  • Color gradients

Users are capable of personalizing the appearance of your “Facebook Messenger” chat presently. There are some gradient color options also in the Messenger 4.

With whatever color you select, the messages will go from the given color to other colors. It will happen as you proceed upwards via the chat.

If you want to change the chat color, then click on the name of that person. You may even click the group chat’s name at the screen top. Now on the Settings page, choose the color.

  • Conversation controls

Across a conversation, swipe in whatever direction you want to. If you are in the Chat tab, then the action will be quick.

 For instance- swipe towards the left to go to the menu button, a delete button or mute button. Make a swipe in the reverse direction to go to option of launching the camera. Begin with a voice or the video call now.

  • A feature of chat has moved now

Buttons for sharing the animated image accessing one among the many apps were visible. Once the update has done, application icon will be moved behind that icon of four dot which is next to the field of text.

  • Dark mode is on the way

Going with the announcement made in October, the company knew it very well that it has been designed again. Some time will be taken for getting used to it. In the upcoming time, some more features will be added like the dark mode.

 Users will get to know about the features very soon. 

Jaxson Harry is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding  and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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