Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube

Nowadays, people are using YouTube not only for viewing videos but also for creating their videos on their YouTube channel. YouTube is the best and oldest platform for posting and sharing your videos worldwide. Earlier, people used to create videos and post it later on the YouTube website by using their PC or laptops. But, the advancement in the technology of smartphones has made it more convenient and hassle-free. There are many types of knowledgeable and entertaining videos on YouTube. Here we will discuss some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube.

Unboxing Videos

The unboxing videos play a crucial role in giving you the proper specification details and physical appearance of a product before you buy it. It gives you an idea of the brief description of products so that it becomes easy to compare products at home and thus, it saves our time as well. Also, it feels good to view or make a video of any product you like and share it with everyone. You can also make your video for unboxing any smartphone, TV, beauty products, and many more such products. To share a video on YouTube, You just have to record a video by using a camera and a tripod. Next, you have to create a free YouTube channel and then post that video with subtitles and keywords.

Product Reviews

Product reviews videos are essential in determining and selecting the best product from a list of various brands and types. For example, if you want to purchase an iPhone and you are confused about two of its variants within the same budget. You will check the reviews of both the variants. After viewing the review videos for that device, you will be able to select the appropriate variant, and in this way, it helps you to save your time.

Technology Explaining Videos

Exploring your technical knowledge with the help of videos allows many people to get aware of the latest technology. Nowadays, most of the people fix the problem occurring in their electronic gadgets and devices by watching these types of videos. Earlier, people used to rush to the repair shops even for a minor fault in their devices that can be fixed by themselves. By watching these types of videos, you can save your precious money and valuable time as well. If you have some technical knowledge to fix any problem of a device, then YouTube is the best platform for you to share your experience with others by making a video.


Vlogging is the best way to become a famous YouTuber. If you have brilliant ideas and attractive thinking towards any topic of your interest, you should think upon creating your own YouTube channel and start vlogging. It can be cooking, singing, knowledge of beauty tips, and more such ideas. It helps you in exploring your knowledge by connecting with more people. You can increase your followers by continuously posting the new content.


YouTube is an excellent social networking platform for those people who have a better sense of humour and can make other people laugh. It is possible by creating your content or commenting on any clips by making videos on this topic. People love to watch comedy videos because it helps in releasing stress and also useful in diverting your mind from the hectic daily routines. Many comedians have gained enough fame by posting their comedy videos on YouTube.

Beauty & Fashion Tips

If you have a great sense of fashion and makeup skills, YouTube is the best social networking platform to show your skills and share with other people. If you know how to dress up according to the occasion and how to apply makeup products like eyeliners, mascara & many other products related to makeup, you should go ahead and create your video on YouTube to let the people know about your skills.

Animal & Pet Videos

If you are a pet lover, you will always love to watch their videos on YouTube. The followers of pet videos are increasing day by day. It feels nice to record the funny and cute activities of your pet and post those videos on social media. It also helps in increasing your followers. Many people are getting fame through the videos of their animals and pets. The activities of pets and animals entertain people and make them laugh.

Gaming on YouTube

Every gamer has a dream to clear all the mission sets in a game. To finish a game, sometimes you need to be smart. It feels fantastic to upload the video of a game on YouTube after your victory. It helps other gaming enthusiasts to view a specific way of winning a game with the help of that video. If you know the tips of particular games and want to show your skills while playing a game, you can record a video and post it on YouTube.

Educational Videos

Nowadays, people prefer to take lessons and learn different computer languages through online classes. YouTube has the maximum number of online tutorials and lessons. It has helped a lot of kids take online classes during this current pandemic. It also helps you in understanding and learning a new course in your free time so that your work should not hamper. If you think you are perfect in any language course or any subject, you should record your daily lessons videos and post it on YouTube to show your skills and to help those students who love to learn things from online classes.

Start Creating Today

There are many different types of videos available on YouTube. We have discussed some of the most popular video ideas, and if you think you have content and some brilliant ideas about it, you can start creating your own YouTube video channel. The trend of online videos is increasing day by day and will also help you in gaining fame and growing your fan following.

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Do We Still Need the E3?

The subject of discontinuing the E3 is sure to make most gamers sad. The excitement of that one intense month of gaming updates is unparalleled. However, statistics have shown that we don’t need conventional E3 anymore.

What Has Changed?

Since the onset of the pandemic, a lot has changed whether we like it or not. Several events have been canceled all around the world, and the gaming industry is no different. This is the very first time since 1995 that the traditional E3 took place non-conventionally. The gaming industry has relied on the E3 for the showcasing of all things new for over 25 years now. It does, however, seem like things need to change. This year has seen more spread out releases versus the conventional fight for the spotlight way of showcasing. It is also the closest that the industry has ever gotten to having an alternative for the E3.

2020 Is Doing Something Right

Whether it is the isolated launches or the larger online launch events that have been seen this year, the one thing that they all have in common is better coverage. All the launches this year have statistically gained much more coverage than the launches that were a part of the E3 last year. Hence there is no doubting the fact that the new ways of launching explored this year have proven to be quite successful.

Instead of looking at it as a pandemic stricken year where game launches are suffering due to the lack of E3, you can use a different perspective. It is a year where the industry continues to move forward experimenting with alternatives that are proving to be even more fruitful.

The Summer Game Fest

This year has seen the introduction of a new way of bringing together the gaming community; the Summer Game Fest. In essence, it is an event that will highlight all the gaming updates and create an overall excitement for what’s to come. The question is, in spirit, what the E3 was also all about. However, this similarity is only confined to the spirit of it. The execution of the event, on the other hand, has received its fair share of criticism for being extremely scattered and confusing. What can you expect with most video gaming platforms and websites hosting their respective online events?

Coverage wise, this year has seen a win. However, the same can’t be said about the execution. It is the beginning of something new after all, it will take some time to get a grasp on the new way of doing things. Being fair, you can’t compare a first time execution to that of an event that has seen 25 years with the industry.

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Pokémon Anime Is Coming Back After a Long Break

The long-running TV anime series, Pokemon, has been on a hiatus since April, due to the current pandemic. But the makers have officially announced a comeback, with some twists. Pokémon has been a cult series since the early 2000s, with Ash and Pikachu becoming household names. Every kid with a TV knew of these fantastic characters and their adventures around the ‘Poke-world’. Dubbed in dozens of languages, the show is set to make a comeback next month. The titles provided also point towards a twist in the tale, but that is all speculation right now.


A lot of TV shows and anime were affected and stopped their production or delayed releases. Similarly, Pokémon went on a 4-month-long hiatus as fans awaited the next part of Ash Ketchum’s journey. And with the team coming back rested and riled up, fans can expect the strongest season in a long time. As reported, there were a few titles from the upcoming episodes, named Pokémon Journeys, leaked online. These titles which will air throughout next month will include a very heart-warming trade for Ash and a new Gym Leader somewhere towards the end.

The first episode back on the air, will be called “Pokémon Exchange?” This open-ended title started the rumor that it might be the trade that will break Ash’s heart. “Pokémon Exchange?” will air on 16th August.  The second one is titled, “The Solitary Fighter, Bea!” planned for 23rd August. As for the third one set to air in late August, will showcase Team Rocket be sent away once again, as they try to steal Pikachu. The episode is titled “Get Pikachu.”

From these titles, you can decipher that the plan to come back has been well thought out and exciting. It isn’t just a continuation of the 23-year-old tradition that Pokémon has become; it is an exciting time for Pokémon fans. They might get to see Ash finally win the coveted championship which has been the quest for over twenty years in real-time. And this comes as we saw him create his strongest alliance yet just before they had to go on a hiatus. The characters are a fan-favorite among children as well as adults who started watching the series when they were kids. From a Nintendo game to a universal franchise covering all major markets, Pokémon has come a long way.

With the abrupt break in life and no end in sight, Pokémon fans will be awaiting what the Poke-world reopens to on 16th August.

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A Guide to Add Third-Party Apps on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most trustworthy and respected platforms that offer a variety of excellent services and products to its users all over the world. This company provides a lot of in-house apps to its users, and all the apps work pretty well. Some of its apps include Office, Skype, One Note, and many more. Along with that, Microsoft Teams also offers a vast range of third-party apps that you can add and use on its platform. Whether it’s Zoom or Trello, any third-party apps can be added to this platform. It is a great service that allows you to access anything within itself without even closing the app. Are you a user of this fantastic service? Want to add and use any third-party apps in Microsoft Teams but don’t know how to do so? Are you looking for some suggestions? If that is the situation, then you have come to the right page.

In our following article, today, we are going to tell you the methods through which you can add any third-party apps on Microsoft Teams. To know the methods, please go through the complete article.

The Methods to Add and Use any Third-Party Apps on Microsoft Teams

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Teams have become the most demanded brand all over the world. It has given us the power to manage and organize all our work in a more efficient way. And with the time, it has revolutionized its workplace tools industry by making significant changes to its products and services. This measure of providing the capability to use third-party apps on its platform has provided more convenience to the users. This has personalized the user’s experience as well. Sometimes, to harness the power of our working teams, it becomes essential to add and work on other third-party apps. And for a situation like this, now we have the capability to do so. And now speaking of adding and using other third-party apps on Microsoft teams, then it follows a much simple procedure that includes some easy steps.

The steps included in the procedure of adding third-party apps on Microsoft Teams are straightforward that any of the users can follow. Please go through the below-mentioned steps to do that:

The Steps to Add Third-Party Apps on Microsoft Teams

You can add third-party apps in three places on the Microsoft Teams. Firstly, on the sidebar from where only you can use the apps, secondly, on the tabs where you can share the apps with your whole team and lastly, on the chat window. And, here are the steps of adding other apps in the sidebar on Microsoft Teams. Take a look:

  • To begin, open the Microsoft Team app on your device.
  • Now, go to the left sidebar and select the three-dotted icon.
  • In the menu, click on the option of “More Apps”.
  • After this, you will be provided with a list of all the third-party apps from which you have to select any of them that you want to use and then click on “Add”.
  • Now, the app will automatically add to the sidebar. You can use that app under Microsoft whenever you want.
  • If you want to add the apps in a tab, then navigate to the “Teams” window and select the Plus icon that you can see at the top of your screen. Here, you will find all the third-party apps along with the first-party apps.
  • Click on any of the apps that you want to add to tabs. Here, all the members of the team can access those apps with their user account.
  • And now, coming to adding third-party apps on a chat window, you can do this by opening the chat window and then go to the “+” icon that you find at the top of your screen. Now, click on the option of “More Apps”.
  • From the list, choose any of the apps that you want to add to the chat window.

So, this was all about adding third-party apps on Microsoft Teams. These are quite simple steps that you can try. If you have any queries, please let us know and for more details and information like this, follow us and visit our site.

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Decoding the Meaning of Common Snapchat Icons

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps on social media with more than 229 million users all over the world. This photo and video sharing app has plenty of icons in different colors and variations that convey different meanings, which can be confusing at times.In this article, we are going to explain what these frequently appearing icons mean on Snapchat and how you can avoid misinterpreting them.

 Snapchat icons might look similar to each other with the same shapes and different colors or sometimes different shapes and the same colors. Snapchat itself has provided its users with a guide of these symbols, but we have got these easier for you to make you understand your chats and Snap-streaks better. 

Chat Icons

 First of all, there are chat icons on Snapchat which look almost the same but follow a certain color coding so that a user can differentiate between them. If you are a new user on Snapchat or a confused old one, to understand your chats in a better way, you can understand the pattern below:

1.     The purple icon in your inbox notifies you about Snaps containing audio.

2.     The red icon in your inbox notifies about Snaps without audio. 

3.     If the icon is light bluish hue, it means there is a chat message instead of a Snap. 

4.     Grey icon tells you about the Snaps which are pending or have already expired. This applies to Snaps or Chat sent to those users who have not yet accepted your friend request. 

Arrows and Squares

You will also find many arrows and squares on Snapchat which are usually associated with sent messages and received while chatting to someone. Here, we have explained to you the meaning of those arrows and squares.

1.     Filled arrows indicates sent item to your friend.

2.     Empty arrows with only outlines indicate that your friend has received the message and opened. 

3.     Received messages appear as the square in different colors, and the color of the square is determined by the nature of the message. 

4.     Empty squares outline indicates that the message or snap has been opened.

5.     If you find two arrows overlapping each other, it means that a screenshot of your chat has been taken. 

6.     A looping circular arrow appears when your chats are replayed. 

Other Icons

There are also a few other icons that are useful for any user. These are:

1.     If you see a darkened rectangle on the sender or receiver’s message in your chat, it means, that a specific message has been saved to keep longer than 24 hours.

2.     A yellow heart icon means that you are best friends with each other and sending most snaps to each other.

3.     A red heart means that you have been best friends with each other for straight two weeks.

4.     If you see two pink hearts on your chat screen with any of your friends, it means that you havebeen best friends with each other for two months.

5.     A cake might also appear in front of your friend’s username on the chat screen which means your friend has their birthday on that day. 

These are the popular and important icons on Snapchat which we have simplified for you. Understand your chats better with these icons and keep snapping.

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How to Access Grammarly in Google Docs

Grammarly is one of the most effective tools for digital writers. Developed by an American multinational tech company, Grammarly uses natural language processing and AI along with deep learning algorithms for spell checks and grammar checking. Not only these two, but it also gives suggestions regarding the vocabulary, tone, style of the text, and tells you about your writing clarity. It also offers a plagiarism detection service.

Grammarly can easily detect multiple spelling errors, punctuations, word choice, grammatical errors regarding tenses, adjective prepositions, and much more. It also suggests phrases that can be used in place of the actual phrase written. It can detect wordiness and tells you about the possible changes for the sentences.

You can opt for its free as well as paid service. If you want to use it on a desktop, you can add it as a browser extension. However, if you’re going to use it on your handset, then the app is available for the same. You can download it both on an iOS device as well as on an Android.

Grammarly was initially released on July 1, 2009, and after around 9 years of service, it announced support for Google Docs in October 2018.

Access Grammarly in Google Docs with these Steps

Grammarly acts as a lifesaver for those who unknowingly make a lot of errors in their content. Grammarly announced its support for Google Docs late in 2018. Currently, it has announced various updates, and now it will have a more expanded range of suggestions and a new sidebar, which will make it easy to see the options that appear next to your text. Along with a new sidebar, it will also have some premium features.

If you still do not have access to it, then download its extension on your Chrome browser. Once you add the Grammarly extension on your Chrome browser, go to your Google Docs section for editing or creating files, you will see a new sidebar appearing there in the lower right corner of your screen. You can click on the red circle in which a number will appear, or you may click on the green one. On clicking any one of those, you will get redirected to the Grammarly environment.

In addition to the new sidebar for Google Docs, Grammarly has also added a Goals panel where you can set particular details regarding your writing style like the tone and type of writing, formality, audience, and much more.

The free version is complete in itself if you don’t write pretty much or just have to edit one or two sentences. It will give you suggestions on punctuation, spellings, and grammatical mistakes. However, if you want to opt for a more effective Grammarly service, you can go for its paid service, which provides vocabulary, variety of sentences, readability scores, use of proper language, and much more.


If you are a Google Docs user, then the new Grammarly update will be worth downloading. The new sidebar option and the Goals panel will help you make your content shine.

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How to watch Absentia: Season 3 online from anywhere

The FBI Agent Emily Byrne is back for this completely new season of Absentia. Stana Katic has very well played the role of this character from the very beginning. The show has a plot where Emily Byrne, during the investigation, suddenly disappears, while she was on the hunt for one of the most wanted serial killers of Boston. She is declared dead, but later she is found alive in a cabin of woods after six years. She didn’t remember anything of how many years she had been missing or what all has happened during that time interval. Later, when she tries to bring back herself, she finds herself unknowingly involved in a series of crimes.

In the third season, we will see Emily Byrne getting suspended from the FBI. When she is all about to return to work, she is found involved in an international criminal case. Alongside all this, her family gets continuous threats, and she has to hold everything all together. In the series, you will see Patrick Heusinger playing the role of a Special Agent Nick Durand alongside Neil Jackson, who is returning for the role of the older brother of Emily.

Absentia: Season 3 on Amazon Prime

The users of Amazon Prime will now get to watch Absentia: Season 3, as each episode of the drama, is made available on the streaming platform from July 17. Those who are not the users of Amazon Prime can also opt for one, since Amazon’s streaming service comes as standard with an Amazon Prime membership, providing Amazon Music and premium delivery services.

The rate of Amazon’s streaming service differs from country to country. In the US, it is $12.99 per month or $119 for the year, in the UK it is £7.99 per month or £79 for the year, in Canada it is $7.99 per month or $79 for the year, and in Australia, it is $6.99 per month or $59 for the year. However, if the user wants to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video without an Amazon Prime membership, that option is also available at a monthly cost of $8.99.

Amazon Prime users can very well enjoy Absentia: Season 3 on the web browser, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV devices, etc. as the prime services can easily be accessed on these devices.


Watching Absentia: Season 3 in a country that doesn’t allow Prime Video services is no longer difficult. Here is why. If a Prime Video subscriber is stuck abroad, where the streaming service isn’t available due to geo-blocking restrictions, he/she can download a VPN.

Downloading a VPN will help the user to change their IP address to another location, allowing them to watch Absentia: Season 3 restriction-free. Choosing on a correct VPN service is always a big deal, considering that hundreds of companies are out there, providing what you want.

Well, many experts suggest ‘ExpressVPN,’ which is a renowned and most used VPN throughout the world. It’s fast, reliable, and compatible with a wide range of devices, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android phones, and set-top boxes and also offer flexible 30-day money-back guarantee. The annual plan of this VPN is available at a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE. Post installing the VPN, one needs to select the home country’s location and click connect and thereby can get easy access to popular streaming websites.

All in all, these are a few ways by which the viewers can enjoy the episodes of Absentia: Season 3 online from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about subscription, location, or other similar hurdles.

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The company is providing a new software update for its iconic wearable Fitbit Charge 4. According to several reports, the smartwatch will get some new enhancements and features with the software update. It would be equipped with a few wonderful features such as better GPS handlingsleep supervision and controlling the Monochrome screen.

According to the certain official sources including the Fitbit official website, Fitbit Charge 4 bands with version value of 1.96.29, the software changes will allow dynamic GPS features by utilizing your smartphone’s location to correct its location issues.

According to several users, the built-in GPS of Charge 4 is not that correct while using it practically in the field. To solve these location issues on their sold devices, they are providing this GPS update. AS per the company, it will also save your fitness tracker’s battery, and you will be able to use it more in a single charge as the update will disable the default GPS function. 

It will allow your device to save battery, but this means you will need to keep your phone’s location enable while GPS in your watch. However, if your phone’s battery is powerful enough to handle continuous usage of GPS, then you can stay relax.

Another feature or upgrade your watch is getting with the software update is the Smart Wake feature. It will make you get up from bed in a particular time window while you are sleeping tenderly by utilizing the circadian rhythms of your body. This means you will be able to get a correct sleeping pattern and you will not face oversleeping issues which can tire you out.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is known for its surprising accurate sleep tracking abilities.  That means it could be possible that your fitness band might be able to wake you up at the correct time. The company claims the watch to be able to correct your sleeping habits, in outcome giving you a healthy sleep.

It is not anything like really innovative in the world of health trackers as we have seen many other gadgets that also do the same job, including a Fitbit model.

Another significant enhancement your wearable is getting is the capability of controlling how long your device screen remains on. Charge 4 generally goes to standby mode in a specified time after last used. Up till now, users were not allowed to change the dim screen timing, but from now on, you will be able to choose a preferred time.

This update has been rolled out for the users, and it will be gradually availed to the frequent users around the world. You can easily apply this update to your gadget if you wish to do so as you will be prompted to install the update automatically.

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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock vs August Smart Lock Pro: Which One is Better

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the 4th generation smart lock by August. It is a type of lock that eliminates the extra bulk from the previous generation Smart lock with the in-built Wi-Fi support. 

On the other hand, August Smart Lock Pro is the third-generation smart lock, but you might need to connect the bridge to the home’s Wi-Fi network for using the smart lock feature. If you compare it with the latest version, it carries more weight but has the double battery life. 

If you see both the locks’ specs, you can quickly identify that August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the upgraded version lock. Everything in the 4th generation is fine: smaller design, better grip, in-built Wi-Fi, and even the company recently dropped the price of this smart lock. Unfortunately, the company had to reduce the number of batteries inside the lock that may lead to worse battery life. It is not a good idea to choose August Wi-Fi Smart Lock by watching the only downside. You have to look at the overall performance of both the Smart locks. 

Presence Of All Essential Elements

The impressive part of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is that the 4th generation lock is 45% smaller than the previous version and also has a Wi-Fi chip inside the lock. The chip allows the lock to connect to the Wi-Fi directly, but previous generation smart locks by August require a Wi-Fi bridge to plug into any place in your home. The Wi-Fi chip eliminates the need for all Wi-Fi bridges to connect the smart lock.

It is like an electrical device on your front door that can protect your home in smarter ways. Even the company has reduced the price of this smart lock and makes it affordable for most of the buyers.

Best Among These Two

The 4th generation lock doesn’t require separate elements, and August has significantly removed the extra bulk from their previous locks. As it is the 4th generation lock, it includes the latest technology like Wi-Fi chipsets, and that has reduced the size of the smart lock. It is a 20% thinner device, which means a smaller metal like the lock is going to protect your home more smartly. 

But sometimes, the smaller design might face more difficulty while using this device. The company has tried to redesign the smart lock’s signature looks, which will give more grip to the users. Instead of dots, there you will find a dial that offers a better grip to their customers. 

Yes, having a Wi-Fi chip and smaller design is a pleasant update for any smart lock, but still, it doesn’t look like a perfect product. The real issue about August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is battery life, which might be responsible for their low sales. If August uses AA batteries that they have used with the 3rd generation smart locks in their 4th generation locks, then they don’t have the room to include other smarter features like Wi-Fi chips. 

So, August had included the two CR123 batteries in place of the four AA batteries in their 4th generation locks. CR123 is the shorter version of the AA battery. It might be an issue, but these batteries are rechargeable, and for that purpose, you need to buy a charger. If you purchase it, then it will eliminate the need to buy the batteries. Otherwise, you might need to buy a pair of CR123 batteries. 

The company estimates that a pair of CR123 batteries will last between three to six months. It usually depends on the auto-locking system’s use and the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. If you have a stronger Wi-Fi signal, the lock will use less battery because it needs the internet to communicate. But the 3rd generation smart lock will give you around six to twelve months of battery life, which is double than their 4th generation’s lock. Now you know that half-sized lock also has a half battery life. 

Latest Is Better

The newer release doesn’t mean that it is a better product than the previous one, especially in the technology industry. In this case, you might see that a newer device is better than the earlier version. August’s latest design is half the size of the previous one and offers a more grip-friendly lock. You can lock it manually and also look great on the door. Despite having a 45% smaller design than the 3rd generation smart locks, the 4th generation lock has the in-built chip that avoids the need for the bridge to connect the lock with the internet. 

The only disadvantage of the latest design is the battery life. For reducing the size, the company has cut down the battery life. But you can manage this issue as the 4th generation lock has the rechargeable CR123 batteries. You can also change it every three months if you use the smart lock more occasionally. 

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Remote Desktop Attacks on the Rise: Here’s How to Protect Your Data

When it comes to privacy and protection of your device, you should practice primary methods for ensuring the security of your systems. Users generally neglect these steps as an act of negligence, which thereby results in security breaches in their systems. If you are following a work from the home module, you would hardly have any security patches on your PC or Laptop. Only a few people enforce a robust security setup for their PCs and Laptops; however, a large portion of users do not care about the security of their systems and think that their system won’t get affected if anything happens. On the other hand, large organizations follow best security practices to keep the data of their systems secure and far from the reach of the attackers. Generally, if you are a part-time worker who works from home or you are on a work-from-home module because of the pandemic outbreak, you may ensure the privacy of your systems.

Driven by the pandemic outbreak, companies are forced to have employees work remotely. Since the lockdown caught everyone unprepared, most of the employees of organizations are using their personal computers or laptops during work from home. These systems do not have an ample amount of security to ensure the safety of the enterprise data. Also, employees using their systems for working on enterprise data are at a state of higher risk of getting tracked rather than if they are working on a system setup of an organization that has top security patches in it to protect the system from cyberattacks. Recent cases of Ransomware attacks in multiple companies have come into knowledge. The reason for that was the involvement of the employees into the official networks by using their devices, which in turn resulted in providing a gateway to the hackers to insert their additional codes in the security systems.

There are some recent studies by the security experts at ESet who have highlighted that post the pandemic outbreak there is a sudden spike in the number of online attacks on the systems of the employees who were accessing the sensitive corporate data using their PC or Laptops while they were on a work-from-home module. Their systems were interrupted by the hackers while they were using remote access services and the Remote Desktop Control of Windows.

Studies also showed that the organizations neglected adequate security settings like additional layers of authentication and more, which in turn resulted in figuring out of the passwords easily by the attackers. Also, it was found that the employees’ systems used for accessing the organization’s sensitive data lacked privacy tools due to the negligence of the users using it, which was also a primary cause for the remote desktop attacks. An inadequate security setup solution of an organization results in giving an open invitation to the cybercriminals. If the security solution is not up to the mark, the attackers can easily breach the security and enter the organization’s network. They can easily insert codes in the security solutions of the organization and leak sensitive corporate data. Once they have breached the security of the organizational network, they can also gain admin access and remove security solutions from the networks forever.

How to Protect the Sensitive Information

The security experts at ESet have suggested the following measures to be taken to protect the systems from the online attacks. If you work at an enterprise-level, you may follow the below-mentioned measures for ensuring the better security of your systems and networks.

  1. You should enforce a strong password policy if you are working at an enterprise level.
  2. Practice multiple-factor authentication for giving access to the data to others.
  3. Avoid using local or pirated software. Use only authentic and official software.
  4. Train your staff on what steps they should take to maintain the data integrity while they are on the work-from-home module.
  5. Make sure you are using authorized systems.
  6. It would be best if you also implement an additional level of security and backup solution so that you can deal with the cybercrimes.

Source: Remote Desktop Attacks on the Rise.

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